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Chess Stamps and Envelopes Collection -
Website of Semyon Gelfer
Philatelic Directory at 2-Clicks -
Postage stamps directory, with complete lists of stamps resources & guide for collectors worldwide.
Dutch Association: Motiefgroep Schaken -
From The Netherlands
Malefilateelia -
Web site of Aare, from Estonia
Chess Hero -
Web site of Wolfgang Hauptwall, from Austria
Strategy and tactics for chess graphic design -
Web site of Michael Kroeger, from USA
Gemeinschaft der Schachmotivsammler, from Germany
COSSU Chess Stamps, Postal Stationery & Covers, from USA
L' Amicale Philatélique Thèméches -
Web site of L'Amicale Philatélique Thèméches, from France
VSP - Vlaamse Schaak-Philatelisten -
Web site of Eddy Bruyns, from Belgium
Chess is Fun - Edwards -
Web site of Jon Edwards, from USA
Italian Chess Philatelic - Andreis -
Web site of Riccardo ANDREIS, from Italy
Chess Philatelyc - Amigoog -
Web site of Vladislav AMIGOOG, from Russia